Visa Application - Tracking

To the attention of visa applicants;

Together with the documents you have completed, you must sign the visa application rules agreement and send it to our company.

As Arbeta Tourism visa department, we provide services for visa applications for all countries of the world with our expert staff for your individual and corporate travel organizations.

If you fill in the relevant information form for all your visa requests, our visa department experts will contact you and provide the necessary information.

Visa Application Steps;

  • Contact our visa experts and specify the country you want to apply for. The documents you need to prepare for this application will be sent to you by the relevant person via e-mail.
  • Prepare these documents delivered to you completely and complete your file. Files submitted with incomplete documents cause the application process to be prolonged and waste of time. According to the status of the documents in the file by the consulates, new documents can be requested and in addition, the requested documents must be prepared by the applicant.
  • Please deliver the documents you have prepared completely by courier or by visiting our office.
  • Your documents that reach our office will be checked by our visa experts and you will be informed if your documents are suitable for the application, missing or incorrect documents. For applicants who do not have any missing documents, an appointment will be made to the first available day given by the consulate, and the persons will be informed about their suitability. Persons who do not need to come to the appointment in accordance with the fingerprint rules or who are not eligible and will need to participate in the application in person will be informed.
  • All necessary application procedures will be carried out by our visa specialist on the appointment day. Our visa specialist will accompany the persons who need to attend the appointment in person at the application center.
  • When the required time for visa application is completed, the passport comes back to the relevant application center and it is delivered to our office by our visa specialist. According to the request of the person, the person can receive his passport by courier or by coming to our office in person.

Important informations;

  • The duration of visa procedures may vary according to the principles of the consulates applied.
  • Arbeta Tourism visa department is an intermediary firm that acts as a bridge between the applicant and the consulate in order to carry out your visa procedures on your behalf accurately and quickly. Consulates are all authorized and decision-makers regarding the finalization of visa procedures and approval of visas.
  • The validity period of the passport you submit to our company for application is very important. Make sure to check the remaining usage time of your passport. And make sure that there is a blank page in your passport for visa and stamp.
  • Make sure that there are no worn or torn pages in your passport, if you encounter such a problem, be sure to renew your passport before application.
  • In case you go to an appointment in person, it is important that you answer the questions of the official at the application center or consulate during the interview.
  • The country to be traveled must be determined before the visa application. Especially for travels to Schengen countries, a visa must be obtained from the country of first entry.
  • Consulates can change the information and documents required for visa at any time.